[New] ᐈ Wagle Ki Duniya (2 March 2021) Episode Updates

2 March 2021 Wagle Ki Duniya Episode Updates

Wagle Ki Duniya (2 March 2021) Episode Updates

This episode of Wagle Ki Duniya starts with the discussion of playing badminton in the garden of Sri Darshan High Society among Sri Nivas Wagle, Dakshai Joshi Pura, and Harshad.

Joshi Pura tells we cannot give permission to play in the garden as the grass of the garden will be damaged then Senior Wagle told him not to worry about the grass, it can grow again.

Then Joshi Pura Understand the situation and permitted me to play badminton. All the members of the Wagle family were happy except Sakhi because Sakhi is worried and thought that she can win easily the game among children which are younger than her and there will be no fun in that.

Then she told her father Rajesh Wagle through video call about the matter then he suggested that she should play with her mom and Jyoti aunty but she denied and told that they are also very weak in comparison to me after that she told her father that she wanted to compete with him.

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Then he laughed at her thinking that I am superior and champion in badminton how can she win the badminton competition.

Sakhi asked him why were you laughing at me then he pretended to be laughing at his colleague joke chandu.

After some time she challenged her father for a badminton competition between them and told him that she will defeat him in that competition and Rajesh Wagle accepted the challange and told her to meet at Sai Darshan high society’s garden on Sunday.

Sakhi started preparing for the competition with her mother after a while her brother Atharva told her to work on his father’s weakness if she wants to win the match by describing a funny incident with her mother.

Then her grandfather Senior Wagle told her to work on backhand shots and focus and the left shoulder of her opponent as Rajesh has a weakness for backhand shots.

Then after some time, Atharva told her father about that incident that his grandfather was reveling his weakness to his daughter Sakhi and mom and daughter caught him while he was telling his father then Sakhi snatch the phone from his hands and told her father that she is ready to compete him in the badminton competition.

Then Rajesh also started preparing for badminton competition in his office with his colleagues and luckily his colleague Isha was also a badminton player and Rajesh started practicing with Isha for the competition.


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