[New] ᐈ Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah (2 March 2021) Episode Updates

2 March 2021 Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah Episode Updates

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah

This new episode of Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashmah starts with the dream of Jetha Laal Gada in which he saw that his grandfather Jayanti Laal Gada was scolding him for selling their ancestral land and telling him you will not sell this land no matter what.

Then Jetha Laal awakes and told about his dream to his son Tapu and father Champak Laal Gada. He told me that my grandfather was scolding me and said not to sell our ancestral land then his father Champak Laal denied his thought and said dream doesn’t tell us about the reality we live in.

You were upset about selling our ancestral land and thought about this whole day so you saw this as a dream then his son Tapu told him that this is your subconscious mind’s thought.

Then Jetha Laal asked him to tell the meaning of the subconscious mind in Hindi then his father Champak Laal explained to him the meaning and told him to relax, sleep, and not to worry about this matter, we will discuss it it it in the morning.

But JethaLaal didn’t sleep and thought about that matter and decided not to sell the land no matter what happens.

In the morning Jethalaal and his family were waiting for Sundar to further discuss this matter. Tapu and Champak Laal went to the Temple of their society and then came to the society compound and at that time Bhide also came to write Suvichaar.

Bhide asked them about Sundar then after sometime Tarak Mehta also came and asking about Sundar. After sometime Sundar reached the society compound laughing with his two mates Baka and Bhayiu.

Then all the people except Bhide all people went to Jetha Laal home and Sundar gave each one of them sweats in happiness but Jethalaal denied then Sundar asked why are you not eating the sweats then Jethalaal explained the whole story about the dream then after that Tarak Mehta also agreed with Jetha Laal not to sell their land.

But Champak Laal Gada scolded Tarak Mehta and said why are you supporting Jethalaal then he told that he was agreed because Jetha Laal is sad and further said that dreams cannot be true so Jethalaal should neglect this thought of not selling their land.

But JethaLaal was Convinced that he will not sell his ancestral land then Sundar said this decision will ruin his respect and his career as Sundar convinced the party for selling their land.

In spite of that Jethalaal said that he is very firm about his decision and after that, his father Champak Laal Gada praise him for his love towards his Grand Father.

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