[New] ᐈ Wagle Ki Duniya (4 March 2021) Episode Updates

4 March 2021 Wagle Ki Duniya Episode Updates

Wagle Ki Duniya (4 March 2021) Episode Updates

(4 March 2021) This episode of Wagle Ki Duniya started with the scene of Srinivas Wagle who was looking for something in his apartment and wearing his glasses on his forehead. His wife was laughing at him and thinking that he was searching for his glasses.

Suddenly Srinivas started searching in his wife’s almirah then his wife asked him what was he looking for and why he was searching in her almirah. Her wife scolded him not to look for anything in her almirah without her permission then he said that he was looking for some envelope.

So he was thinking with curiosity that what was the important thing in her almirah for which her wife was scolding him. So he again tried to search in the almirah and found a letter in the box. The letter was 45 years old, dated 7 November 1976, and written to him by his wife.

In the letter, her wife had written some accusations against him that he was a bad husband and bad father. He didn’t look after his family and was very selfish.

After reading the letter he was very confused and nervous and told this matter to his son in his office and told him that you will investigate this matter and call me. At that time Rajesh was busy so he told his father that he would definitely read this letter after coming from his office.

After reaching home, Rajesh Wagle’s wife asked him to help her in cleaning the utensils so he denied by saying that he was very busy at his work and couldn’t do this at the moment.

After that Rajesh received a call from his father asking about the letter then he told him that he will read the letter after some time. After that, he read the letter and thought about it and he was also nervous after reading the letter and suddenly went for helping his wife to clean the utensils.

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After some time he again received a call from his father and explained to him that I didn’t do this type of thing and suddenly the favorite cup of Rajesh Wagle’s wife broke.

After a while, her wife came into the kitchen and asked him about it so he said there was nothing that happened don’t worry. In the morning Rajesh made breakfast for all the family members and all the members were shocked about Rajesh’s behavior.

In the daytime, Jyoti and Asha were telling Vandana that if her husband was helping her and buying new items for her to make her happy then it could be an indication of having an affair with another woman.

As they were speaking of these stories, Rajesh came and brought a garland for his wife and Senior Wagle also brought a garland for his wife. Then both Vandana and Radhika thought that what could be the reason that both father and son doing some things for them.

Then Raghav told them about the letter incident and their discussion started. After a while, Radhika told his husband that there was another she wanted to give him after realizing that she was wrong about him and the episode ended at an emotional node and all were happy.

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