[New] ᐈ Wagle Ki Duniya (9 March 2021) Episode Updates

9 March 2021 Wagle Ki Duniya Episode Updates

Wagle Ki Duniya (9 March 2021) Episode Updates

This episode of Wagle ki Duniya started with the scene of Sai darshan high society garden where Rajesh was jogging and suddenly saw an envelope near the dustbin with twenty thousand rupees in it.

So he decided to submit to Joshipura, but he saw that Joshipura captured the slippers of their watchman, then he decided to give that envelope to its owner personally.

He came to his home told this story to his family so they said you should find the owner of this envelope.
So he said that we should look for the CCTV footage, then his father shocked and said you would waste your time by looking into CCTV footage.

Then Rajesh went to see the CCTV footage but for the footage, Joshipura told him that he had to give him one thousand rupees for the footage. So he gave him the money and brought the CCTV footage in a pen drive and started searching for the owner of the envelope.

But his father was worried and said you would not get any information so don’t look for it. But suddenly Rajesh saw that his father had ordered sweets for him at 6 a.m., then they realized why he was repeatedly saying to not look for CCTV footage.

Then they saw that there were only three persons carpenter, plumber and courier guy. So they enquired them about the envelope and found that this envelope doesn’t belong to that carpenter and plumber. So they tried to find about the courier guy.

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Rajesh asked his colleague Chandu about the courier guy and told him to find out his address as fast as he can.
After some time Chandu told him that he had found this guy and he was coming to their house.

Suddenly the doorbell rang and there was the guy with her outside the door so Rajesh told them to come and asked the courier guy about the envelope and then the courier guy explained the matter and Rajesh gave them their money.

The mother of that courier guy gave them a blessing for their generous nature and told them to be generous as always. And the episode ended with a happy mood for the family.


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