Leaked: September’s PS Plus Lineup Features Saints Row 2022 Reboot

Prepare to explore the virtual streets of Santo Ileso as leaked details unveil that the spotlight game for September’s PS Plus Essential lineup will likely be the revamped “Saints Row” from 2022.

A Dealabs user by the name of Billbil-kun, known for pre-revealing the PS Plus selections ahead of Sony’s official announcements, spilled the beans. From September 5 to October 3, PS Plus subscribers can potentially secure their copies of “Saints Row” along with two other yet-to-be-disclosed titles.

While the August 2022 reboot of “Saints Row” aimed to reconnect players with the series’ origins by delivering a more down-to-earth narrative (though, by Saints Row standards), it encountered mixed reviews.

Despite the game’s effort to tone down the overall outlandishness, it struggled with issues like open-world glitches, bugs, and a somewhat foreseeable storyline, leading to a divided reception.

GameSpot’s review by Richard Wakeling offered insights into the game’s dynamics, stating, “Combat is satisfactory, and the narrative missions shine during their most extravagant moments, but there’s a noticeable lack of excitement in between.”

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He also commented on the series’ reboot, acknowledging its rationale but also acknowledging its struggle to escape the shadow of its own legacy.

Since its initial launch, Volition, the developer behind Saints Row, has integrated into the Gearbox fold, known for their Borderlands franchise.

The development team has been hard at work, pushing out substantial updates and DLC expansions to refine the game further. For those still exploring the August PS Plus offerings, PGA Tour 2K23, Dreams, and Death’s Door remain available until September 4.


1. What is the highlighted game for September’s PS Plus lineup?

The spotlight game for September’s PS Plus Essential lineup is rumored to be the 2022 reboot of “Saints Row,” offering players the chance to explore the virtual world of Santo Ileso.

2. How did the reboot of “Saints Row” from 2022 fare among players and critics?

The reboot of “Saints Row” received mixed reviews. While it aimed to take the series back to its roots with a more grounded narrative, it faced criticism for bugs, open-world glitches, and a somewhat predictable storyline.

3. Who leaked the details about September’s PS Plus lineup?

Details about the potential PS Plus lineup were leaked by a Dealabs user known as Billbil-kun, who has a track record of pre-revealing PS Plus selections before Sony’s official announcements.