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Batman The Dark Knight | Official Trailer

Its enough information about this website and now we come to “Batman The Dark Knight” is an American Action, Suspense, Mystery Superhero movie based on Batman character from the DC Comics, directed, co-produced and co-written by the famous director Christopher Nolan.

This part of the movie is the Sequel of the 2005 released movie “Batman Begins” and the story continues in this part of the movie.

Batman The Dark Knight starring some of the most amazing actors of all time Christian Bale, Michael, Caine, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Morgan Freeman we will further discuss there role in the movie.

StoryLine Of Batman The Dark Knight

If you have seen the “Batman Begins” you know that the plot of the story is in the Gotham city, and Batman tries to protect it from the people who want to destroy it.

So the story continues here in this part Batman 2, A bunch of criminals planned to rob a bank in the Gotham City, And those robbers killed each other so that they will get the high share in the money they looted.

At last after killing every robber “Joker” Remains the one who gets all the money and escapes with it and the police and Batman are in the search of the person who robbed the bank.

Harvey Dent appointed as District Attorney and Jim Gordon as the Lieutenant of Gotham city to protect the city with increasing crimes.

Bruce wayne is impressed by Harvey Dent’s work and offers him to help him in his carrer and Bruce Wayne started believing that Dent is the new Protector of the Gotham city and there is no need to be batman and live a normal life with his love interest Rachel Dawes.

But she dont love him she thinks that he is rich and spoiled and even she started dating Dent. But Wayne thinks that she loves him.

The Mob Bosses had a meeting with there corrupt accountant Lau, who has there money as they have given him for safekeeping but he betrayed them and escapes to Hong Kong with all the money.

So while they are in the video conference Joker enters the room and warns them that Batman is after them and offers to kill the Batman if they give him half of their money.

But the Mob Bosses Sal Maroni, Gambol declines his offer threaten Joker that he will kill him. But “Joker” Killed him first and takes over his gang members. And they have to accept his offer.

Batman reached Hong Kong in the search of Lau and brings him back to Gotham city. Then Joker started threatning that he will keep on killing people until batman reveals his identity.

As he said he killed Police Commissioner Gillian B. Loeb and the Judge. He also tries to kill The City Mayor Anthony Garcia but Jim Gordon saved his life by sacrificing himself.

StarCast Of Batman The Dark Knight From Isaimini

Christian Bale will be seen in the movie as Bruce Wayne / Batman, he can be described as a Billionaire, Son of Thomas Wayne who is the owner of Wayne Enterprises. Bruce witnessed his parent’s death they were killed by a thief.

Michael Caine will be seen in the movie as Alfred Pennyworth describes as, he like a father figure to him, as he takes care of him and given him the advice to be a great person.

Heath Ledger will be seen in the movie as The Joker described as a Psychopath mastermind who wants that people fight with each other and kill each other and wants to destroy peace in the Gotham City.

Gary Oldman will be seen in the movie as James Gordon, he is a lieutenant in the Gotham City Police department. And he is known for his honesty.

Aaron Eckhart will be seen in the movie as Harvey Dent, he is District Attorney of Gotham city and Batman thinks that he is a person which can save Gotham city from increasing crimes.

Maggie Gyllenhaal will be seen in the movie as Rachel Dawes Bruce’s childhood friend and his love interest, but she is dating Harvey Dent.

Morgan Freeman will be seen in the movie as Lucius Fox, CEO of Wayne Enterprises, and the person who created the Batman Suit.

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Batman The Dark Knight Full Movie Download
Batman The Dark Knight Full Movie Download
Batman The Dark Knight Full Movie Download
Batman The Dark Knight Full Movie Download

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