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World's First Selfie Was Taken 179 Year Ago

You are thinking that how it can be possible as at that time no smartphones are available or there is no such technology available at that time with the help of which that can be possible, but an American photographer made it possible.

As we know that how much we are crazy about clicking a selfie. People are that crazy that they want to capture every single moment of their life in the camera. But, you know when the world's first selfie was captured.

Actually, the world's first selfie was taken 175 years ago by an American photographer. In 1839 a 30-year-old passionate chemist and a photographer named Robert Cornelius.

Robert Cornelius First Selfie ever

Robert Cornelius becomes an American photography pioneer, born 1809 in Philadelphia. Robert confirmed interest in chemistry since his young years and joined his father in the enterprise of silver plate manufacturing and metallic sprucing.

After becoming successful and widely known for his works, Cornelius turned into approached with the aid of the American inventor Joseph Saxton. The inventor asked Robert to supply a silver plating for his daguerreotype, and this turned into the spark that started Robert’s hobby in photography.

He made a self-portrait and got his first selfie. He captured his first photo (selfie) in Philadelphia behind his father's shop. Firstly Robert removed the lens cap of his camera, after that, he moved quickly and stand by the front of the camera according to the frame.

And right after this, before replacing the lens cap again, he stands in the front of the camera for 5 minutes. So, like this, we got the world's first selfie. He wrote down behind the picture that "The first light Picture ever taken 1839".

Robert also got a degree in portrait photography. After that, he managed his father's lamp-making business for about 20 years. In further years their company became America's most popular lighting company. Robert retired from his business in 1877 as a rich man of that time.