Ncuti Gatwa praises David Tennant as his favorite Doctor for his forthcoming Doctor Who role. 

Tennant's return for the 60th-anniversary special marks a significant milestone. 

Gatwa admires Tennant's charismatic Scottish portrayal that inspired his own Doctor's character. 

Tennant's Tenth Doctor revival reinvigorated the show's popularity post-revival. 

Concerns about Tennant's return mirrored expectations of revisiting past glories, but the Fourteenth Doctor emerged as a distinct character. 

Gatwa's appreciation aligns with audience sentiments towards Tennant's impact on Doctor Who's success. 

Tennant's departure sets the stage for Gatwa to carry forward the Doctor's legacy. 

Gatwa's admiration promises an exciting continuation of the show's enduring appeal and values. 

The transition from Tennant to Gatwa signifies an evolution of the iconic Time Lord character.