The Last of Us Season 2 aims to expand its universe beyond Bloaters, introducing new elements and narrative changes. 

Season 2 may explore the controversial game sequel, The Last of Us Part II, focusing on Ellie's quest for revenge.

Hints suggest the adaptation of "Lost Levels," including the possibility of integrating the intense "Sewers" level. 

The "Sewers" scenario presents an atmospheric and perilous journey for Ellie, potentially surpassing the fear factor of encountering Bloaters. 

Co-creator Neil Druckmann's teases about the "Lost Levels" being involved in Season 2 have sparked anticipation among fans. 

The remastered game version includes three unreleased levels, with "Sewers" being the most impactful for the series. 

The setting of "Sewers" would heighten danger and raise stakes for Ellie before her hospital entry, adding to the series' tension. 

Among the three Lost Levels, "Jackson Party" and "Boar Hunt" lack the narrative significance of "Sewers." 

While unconfirmed, the prospect of the "Sewers" level in The Last of Us Season 2 excites fans for potential increased tension. 

The inclusion of the "Sewers" level could provide a thrilling and terrifying experience for viewers of The Last of Us Season 2.