Miley Cyrus Radiates Joy as Maid of Honor at Mother Tish Cyrus’ Dreamy Wedding

Miley Cyrus Adds Shine as Maid of Honor at Mother Tish Cyrus‘ Enchanting Wedding

Miley Cyrus played a pivotal role in her mother Tish Cyrus’ recent wedding to Dominic Purcell, stepping in as the radiant maid of honor.

Miley Cyrus and Mom Tish Cyrus

“It’s truly heartwarming to witness my mom’s happiness and newfound love,” shared Miley, aged 30, during an exclusive interview with Vogue, published on August 25. “Dom and my mom share an incredibly genuine and sweet love.

It’s like they’re experiencing love for the very first time, which suits my young-spirited mom perfectly. Since meeting each other, they seem to be reversing the aging process. Somehow, my mom’s beauty has only intensified.”

On August 19, Tish, aged 56, and Purcell, aged 53, exchanged vows at Miley’s stunning residence in Malibu, California. “The day was every bit as magical and special as they are,” gushed the singer of “Used to Be Young” to the esteemed fashion magazine. “To stand by my mother’s side and give her away to Dom is a moment I will forever treasure.”

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Tish, adorned in an exquisite Netta Benshabu bridal gown, fondly described the celebration as “a tale of the most enchanting romance.”

Both Miley and her elder sister, Brandi Cyrus, graced the ceremony as bridesmaids—a role that the former Hannah Montana star embraced wholeheartedly.

“Throughout my life, my mother has been my support system behind the scenes,” reflected Miley on Tish, who professionally manages talents. “From preparing me for cheerleading competitions to getting me ready backstage before performances or on sets, she has always been the driving force.

Her celebrations and unwavering support have been constant. Now that I’m grown, I feel honored to reciprocate that role for her.”

Tish’s son, Trace Cyrus, also marked his presence at the event. However, her other children, Braison Cyrus and Noah Cyrus, were absent.

“Braison and Noah are forever cherished by Tish, regardless of any circumstances,” a trusted source disclosed exclusively to Us Weekly earlier this week, shedding light on their absence. “Tish comprehends the complexities of divorce, especially after her enduring partnership with Billy Ray Cyrus. Their journey has been lengthy.”

The source further conveyed, “Tish has never imposed her relationship with Dominic upon her children—this has never been her approach. She acknowledges that this transition impacts the entire family and respects that not everyone will be on the same page every step of the way.”

Tish and Billy Ray, aged 61, originally wed in 1993 and then welcomed Miley, Braison, and Noah into their lives. The renowned “Achy Breaky Heart” singer also embraced Tish’s elder children, Brandi and Trace, from a previous relationship.

Eventually, Tish filed for divorce in April 2022, citing “irreconcilable differences” as the driving factor for the split. Her petition highlighted that they had not “shared a continuous marital bond for over two years.”

Billy Ray found his own happiness with singer Firerose, culminating in their engagement in November 2022. During that same month, Purcell—who shares two daughters with ex-wife Rebecca Williamson—proposed to Tish after less than a year of courtship.

As Tish recounted to Vogue, the proposal orchestrated by Purcell and supported by Miley took place during Thanksgiving. “They understood that we would be united as a family during this time, making it the perfect occasion!”


Q1: Who was Miley Cyrus at Tish Cyrus’ wedding?

Miley Cyrus played the role of the maid of honor at her mother Tish Cyrus’ wedding to Dominic Purcell.

Q2: When and where did Tish Cyrus’ wedding take place?

Tish Cyrus and Dominic Purcell tied the knot on August 19 at Miley’s residence in Malibu, California.

Q3: Who else was involved in the wedding?

Miley’s older sister, Brandi Cyrus, was also a bridesmaid at the wedding. Tish’s son, Trace Cyrus, attended the ceremony, while her other children, Braison Cyrus and Noah Cyrus, were absent.