Chris Pratt’s Surprise Entry to the DC Universe – James Gunn Drops Hints!

As the excitement brews in the realm of cinematic crossovers, new speculation takes center stage as James Gunn, co-CEO of DC Studios, cryptically suggests the potential involvement of Chris Pratt in the DC Universe.

With the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy behind him, Gunn is venturing into a fresh phase of his career, fully dedicating his creative energy to the DC Universe. The buzz surrounding Pratt’s potential foray into this new universe has fans and enthusiasts abuzz with anticipation.

Chris Pratt's DC Universe Surprise

Gunn’s transition from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to DC Studios has sparked intrigue, especially regarding the actors he might bring along for the ride.

Following the conclusion of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, where Pratt portrayed the charismatic Star-Lord, Pratt’s name has emerged as a contender for Gunn’s upcoming projects in the DC Universe Chapter 1.

A fan recently approached Gunn on Threads, expressing their desire to see certain actors from the Guardians of the Galaxy cast make guest appearances in Peacemaker season 2.

This casual remark prompted Gunn to respond intriguingly, hinting at Pratt’s involvement by stating, “There are reasons I wouldn’t want either of those actors to play themselves in the DCU!”

The question now shifts to who Pratt could potentially portray within the DC Universe’s expanding landscape. In the lineup for Chapter 1 is the “Gods and Monsters” project, including the Booster Gold TV show set to air on Max. Given Pratt’s likeness to the character’s traits and Star-Lord’s persona, fans are conjecturing Pratt is a fitting choice for the role of Booster Gold.

The thematic symmetry continues with Hal Jordan, a character Pratt has been fantastic at in various discussions. Pratt’s experience in space-based superhero roles aligns with Jordan’s Green Lantern persona.

DC Studios’ development of the Lanterns TV series, spotlighting both Hal and John Stewart, adds further weight to the notion of Pratt’s potential involvement.

Among the roster of characters, Pratt’s suitability for Plastic Man emerges as another intriguing possibility. Gunn’s inclination towards exploring eccentric powers and comedic elements within superhero narratives aligns well with Plastic Man’s profile.

While the anticipation mounts, the exact nature of Pratt’s role in the DC Universe remains uncertain. The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 teaser, “The Legendary Star-Lord Will Return,” suggests Pratt’s ongoing commitment to the MCU.

The spectrum of possibilities includes voice-only roles, be it for CGI-heavy characters or lending his vocal talents to Gunn’s DC animated projects.

As the speculation gathers momentum, one thing is certain: Chris Pratt’s potential involvement in the DC Universe is a topic that has fans eagerly awaiting more news.

Gunn’s unique creative direction combined with Pratt’s charisma promises an exciting new dimension for the superhero world. The days ahead hold the answer to whether the DC Universe will indeed welcome one of Gunn’s beloved Guardians of the Galaxy actors into its fold.