Exclusive: Ariana Grande’s Managerial Breakup Unraveled

Ariana Grande Parts Ways With Longtime Manager Scooter Braun: A Breakdown

In a recent development, pop sensation Ariana Grande has severed ties with her longtime manager, Scooter Braun, according to a report from Billboard.

Back in 2013, Ariana joined forces with Scooter’s company, SB Projects, just before her debut album, “Yours Truly,” hit the music scene.

Breaking Free Arianas Managerial Revelation

Scooter Braun has made a significant mark in the industry, representing some of the globe’s most renowned artists since establishing SB Projects in 2007. Notably, he’s been entangled in a well-publicized dispute with Taylor Swift over her master recordings.

Although Scooter’s connection with Ariana has appeared harmonious over time, he had once disclosed that the singer temporarily dismissed him from his managerial role. Allegedly, Ariana cited interference in her personal life as the reason for this move, though neither party officially confirmed these claims. Scooter revealed that Ariana had a change of heart once her “shitty boyfriends” were out of the picture.

Interestingly, this brief rift ended up strengthening their professional rapport. Scooter explained, “It made me and her really tight because now when we get into those fights and she’s coming at me, I just go, ‘Woah, do you want to go back to where we were?’ and then it kinda calms down.”

Fast-forward to the present, recent reports from Billboard suggest that Ariana and Scooter have chosen different paths, as sources close to the singer have allegedly indicated.

Coincidentally, this news comes shortly after Billboard announced that Demi Lovato, another prominent SB Projects client, has also separated from the management company.

Demi’s association with Scooter’s company began in 2019, and the two have presented themselves as close friends in the public eye. Just a day before Billboard unveiled Demi’s departure from SB Projects, Scooter publicly extended warm birthday wishes to her, labeling her “ONE OF THE KINDEST SOULS OUT THERE.”

Billboard’s account suggests that Demi’s parting from SB Projects took place the previous month, with sources affirming that the decision was mutually agreed upon and amicable.

Interestingly, this development emerges three months after singer J Balvin, who joined Scooter’s fold in 2019, also parted ways from SB Projects, opting to align himself with Roc Nation.

Furthermore, recent buzz surrounded yet another major SB Projects client, Justin Bieber, allegedly parting ways with the management company. However, both parties have refuted these claims through their representatives.

An article from Puck News dated August 18 raised the possibility of Justin exploring new management avenues, asserting that he and Scooter had not communicated for months. Despite these speculations, both Justin and Scooter’s representatives promptly dismissed the assertions, countering, “This is not true.”

In summary, the music industry has witnessed significant shifts in management dynamics lately, with Ariana Grande’s departure from Scooter Braun’s management company marking another noteworthy change. Alongside her, Demi Lovato and J Balvin have also made similar decisions, hinting at an evolving landscape for these artists and their careers.