[Download] ᐈ FM WhatsApp APK (Anti-Ban) 2021 Latest Version

Hey everyone we are back again with another WhatsApp mod. Previously we talked about GBWhatsapp.

And in today’s article, we have FMWhatsapp Fouad APK. So our main aim is to walk you through all the amazing features, Advantages, Disadvantages, and more other things you must know.

And at the end of the article, we will be providing download links to the latest FMWhatsapp APK. So let us dive right into this amazing mod.

What Is FMWhatsapp?

As you know that there are several messaging apps available but Whatsapp is known as the most used and downloaded messaging app of all time.

And the main reason is, it is a secure app and the messages delivered are end-to-end encrypted. So that no one can see your messages.

But Whatsapp comes with limited features and people want more as they are tired of using the same old Whatsapp.

And for that developers modified Whatsapp and as a result, we got FM Whatsapp with all the amazing features that Whatsapp doesn’t have.

FM WhatsApp APK Download (Anti-Ban) 2021 Latest Version

So What Makes FM Whatsapp So special?

The main reason why FM Whatsapp is so popular is its features which let the user decide how this app will look like and can customize it accordingly.

Like if you want your interface to look the same as in an iPhone then you can simply click on the option and you are good to go.

And trust me I have been using this app for the past 1 year and I am amazed to see that, how easy it made my messaging experience.

And if you have not tried it yet, then you must check out the features it provides. And the best part is you don’t need to spend a single penny to get all these features.

Quick Info

APK File NameFM Whatsapp APK (Fouad)
Android Version4.3 or above
App Size51 Mb
Total Download100000+
Last updatedToday
DeveloperFouad Mods

Other Latest Whatsapp Mods

FM Whatsapp is not the only Whatsapp you will find online, though it comes in the category of the most used Whatsapp mods.

What Are The Latest Features Of FM Whatsapp

We are in the year 2021 with all the amazing messaging apps, and we choose Whatsapp as the king of all the messaging apps.

And it is obvious we want more, so developers made FMWhatsapp with tons of cool features with extra customization and security.

So enough talking, now we will discuss the features of the latest FM Whatsapp APK by Fouad.

Freeze Last Seen

With the latest FM Whatsapp, you can hide your last seen status by simply enabling this option. And make sure after you check this option you need to Restart your Whatsapp.

Disable Forward Tag

This is an amazing feature that allows you to re-send any message(no matter if it is and document, image, video) without forwarding a tag.


This is one of the major features of FM Whatsapp which allows you to customize the app for your convenience. Here are some key features-

Profile Picture Wallpaper

If you have a profile picture or anyone in your contact list has a profile picture uploaded then you can set it as your wallpaper by enabling this option.

Hide Date & Time

With the latest update now you can hide the date and the name when copying two or more messages.

Action Bar

Now you can change the default green color of Whatsapp to any other color you like. And even you can customize your chat screen with wallpapers and themes.

Hide Contact Profile Picture

This option allows you to remove the contact profile picture from the header in the conversation screen.

Hide Contact Name

This is a cool feature that gives you the ability to hide the name of the person you’re messaging with.

Hide Call Button

Hides call button from the conversation action bar.

Disable Contact Status

Now you can easily remove contact status which you will find under the header in the conversation.’

Hide Blue Ticks

Sometimes you want to read a message but don’t want others to know that you have already seen the message, then it is a great option for you that allows you to hide double blue ticks.

Message Any Number

Now you don’t have to save a number to send a message to someone, you can do it by just typing any number and send a message easily.

Hide Delivered Ticks

In some cases, if you don’t want your contacts to know that if they’re sent messages are delivered or not because in the original WhatsApp when someone sends you a message, it can be a video, image, or audio, then the sender gets a confirmation in the form of two grey ticks to let the sender know that their message is delivered.

But with FM Whatsapp APK when a person sends you a message then they see only one tick and will never know the message is delivered or not.

Blue Ticks After Reply

In original Whatsapp when you send someone a message and when the person reads it you will get a double blue tick as a confirmation that the message is delivered and has been read.

But in some situations like when you receive a message and accidentally opened it and don’t know what to reply to at that moment then it can be quite embarrassing.

But you don’t need to worry about that anymore as FM Whatsapp offers you this amazing feature where if a person sends you a message then they will blue ticks after you reply to that message.

Hide View Status

Have you ever thought of going full incognito mode on Whatsapp and want to sneak around and watch other people post their stories and don’t let them know that you have already seen them.

So what are you waiting for download FM Whatsapp now and go sneaky like a ninja?

Anti-Delete Message

If you ask me this is one of the best features of FM Whatsapp. Many times it happens when someone sends you a message, it may be an image, video, audio, or a normal text message.

But after a while, the sender decides to delete that message and you will get an auto-generated message saying “This message is deleted”.

And you can’t do anything about it and the message remains a mystery.

And now with the latest Anti-delete feature of FM Whatsapp, the message will be only deleted for the sender and clearly visible in your chat and the best part is they don’t know that you have seen their deleted message.

Anti-Delete Status

It is the same as the Anti-delete messages, but with some other features included. So here is a condition if someone from your contact list updates the status that you really wanted to see.

But before you could see that the person deletes the status, that moment could be frustrating. But here FM Whatsapp has this feature called anti-delete status which allows you to see deleted status from your contacts.

And other added features like download status, copy caption, etc.


The FM Whatsapp APK contains a wide variety of themes that will make your interface look marvelous. And in addition, it lets you create your own theme with super easy customization.

Hide Typing and Recording

When you are replying to a message but it is taking a long to reply and the receiver on the other side waiting for you to stop typing or recording and receive the message.

It could be quite annoying, so for the sake of this FMWhatsapp added a new feature where the receiver will not see your typing or recording status.

So you can take your time and reply with the best answer possible without knowing your tying status.

Do Not Disturb or Airplane Mode

This is another feature I personally like. This allows you to turn off data only for Whatsapp. And when you don’t want to receive any messages from anyone then you can enable this option.

As long as this option is enabled your data will stay turned off for FM Whatsapp.

FM Whatsapp APK Vs Whatsapp

CustomizationWith this mod, you can easily change the default green color of the app.Whatsapp doesn’t allow you to change color.
You can easily customize the app interface using tons of custom-made themes from the theme library.There is no custom-made theme.
PrivacyIt has features like hiding online status. Anti-delete messages, status, and double ticks.You will not get any of these features in the original application.
Let’s you decide who and when they can call you.There is no such feature.
Protect your app and chats with an inbuilt app lock. The best way to secure your app from other’s reach.Not Available
SharingAll the limitations are broken, now you can share messages up to 500 contacts in a single click.You can only share 250 contacts at a time.
With FM Whatsapp you can share 60 images at a time.You can share 10 images at a time.
Large media files can be sent without worrying about their quality.You can’t share files of more than 20 Mb and the quality will be decreased to speed up the process.
MiscellaneousYou can schedule messages for any contacts of your choice with a specific date & time. Like if you want to wish a birthday to someone, then you can easily schedule that message.No such feature is available.
Send an auto-response message to the person who sends you any message, or you can add specific keywords which only revoke this feature.Not available
Message any number without actually saving it.Not available

FM Whatsapp New Updates and Change Logs

Have you tried the latest FM Whatsapp and if you are still confused that whether should I use FM Whatsapp by Fouad mods or not.

I think the features mentioned above are enough to convince you. And if you are ready to download the latest released APK of FM Whatsapp then you can find it here.

The best part about the latest release is it comes with the Anti-Ban feature, so you can use it undoubtedly.

How To Download & Install FM Whatsapp on Android

So finally you have decided to download FM Whatsapp for your device, that we will walk you through the step-by-step guide on how to download & install it.

Your android version should be 4.3 or above and check for the storage that you have enough space for.

If you install an app other than the play store. It will ask you to enable unknown sources to install FM Whatsapp on your and android device.

Now Go to settings> Security> Unknown Sources and enable it.

And next, you just need to click on the download button below for the latest FM Whatsapp APK. As the APK file downloaded, now click and install it.

You will be asked to enter your number, and then your name.

Then a verification code will be sent on the number you have given.

After you receive the code enter it on the box then click on next.

Congratulations you have successfully installed the application.

Now enjoy all the amazing mods of FM Whatsapp by Fouad.

Misconception About Using FM Whatsapp

People keep on saying that is it safe to use FM Whatsapp and about the security issues and if you use FM Whatsapp you will get banned.

All these are not totally true cause the latest update of FM Whatsapp comes with the Anti-Ban feature with many security updates and is free from any viruses or malware.

How To Download FM Whatsapp For iPhone

With the increasingly high demand for FM Whatsapp, not only Android users but also iPhone users want this Whatsapp mod because of its amazing features.

But sorry to say that right now FM Whatsapp is not available for iOS users. We will update you if any further updates from the developer on this.

I think you should wait for it or you can just bookmark this page by simply using (ctrl+D). If any news comes it will be updated here.

How To Download FM Whatsapp for PC

You have already used it on your phone, but now you want it to be used on your PC. So for that, you will be needed an android emulator like Nox App Player, Bluestacks, etc.

Bluestacks is a famous android emulator. If you want to use it then you just need to download it from the web by searching the keyword “Download Bluestacks”.

After you downloaded and installed it. Just open the application then set up your emulator.

Now you need to go back to the web and search Download FM Whatsapp crazybitenews. And go to the website and download the APK file and install it.

Enjoy! now you have fully installed the app.

Permission Required

  1. Camera Uses
  2. Contact Access
  3. Read Files and Media
  4. Read Call Logs
  5. Location
  6. Microphone
  7. SMS

You are totally independent to enable or disable these permissions.

In Which Devices You Can Use FM Whatsapp

It is available for most mobile devices. But I think you want brands names where this app is supported.

So for your ease, we have created this list.

  • Asus
  • Xiaomi
  • MI
  • Oppo
  • Vivo
  • OnePlus
  • Real Me
  • Motorola
  • Samsung
  • Nokia
  • Micromax etc.

Some Of The Cool Features Of FM Whatsapp by Fouad Mods

  • Stickers Packs/Maker
  • Wallpaper Plus
  • Fast Playback For Voice Messages 1.5X to 2X
  • Send and open view once media.
  • Hidden chat notification.
  • Set wallpaper for home & lock screen.
  • Stories (Muted, Viewed, Recent)
  • Statuses Remain Unseen
  • Hide View Status
  • Archive Chat
  • Save profile picture
  • Dark and light mode for your convenience
  • Download story with copy caption, share, etc.
  • Inbuilt voice changer.
  • Contacts online/offline dot.
  • Hide Recent chats
  • Airplane or DND mode
  • Separate chat groups
  • Extra added fonts in Arabic, Urdu, German, Turkish, Spanish, and Russian
  • Download Emoji Variants From Mods settings
  • Reduced APK size to 33Mb.
  • Improved Performance and speed
  • Live location and Whatsapp payment
  • Options to hide muted status.


What Is FM Whatsapp APK?

It is and the third party improved and modified version of Whatsapp.

Why FM Whatsapp is not available on the play store?

It is a third-party app that is created by developers like Alexmods, Heymods, Fouad mods. And Whatsapp doesn’t allow this to be used because of some copyright issues. So you will not see this app on the play store.

Is FM Whatsapp is made by Whatsapp Company?

No, it’s a third-party app and is not made by Whatsapp and modified by some of the great developers.

Is it safe to use FM Whatsapp?

Yes, it is safe to use, as it is free from any malware and viruses.

Will I get banned using FM Whatsapp?

Developers just launched an updated FM Whatsapp APK where they claim that its Anti-Ban feature will protect your account.

Can I hide a double blue tick in FM Whatsapp?

Yes, you can easily hide blue tick by enabling this feature.

How to Download FM Whatsapp?

You simply come to crazybitenews.com and search for FM Whatsapp and you will get that latest APK file in just one click.


In today’s era, everyone likes to share their thoughts with friends and family quickly and easily. So for the sake of convenience developers made social messaging apps like- Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, and many more others.

But above all apps mentioned Whatsapp is known as the king of messaging apps with over a billion users worldwide.

Everyone loves it for the features it provides like high security with end-to-end encryption. But Whatsapp is limited to some of its features.

So for that third-party developers made a modified version of Whatsapp known as FM Whatsapp which allows you to go beyond limitations and make your messaging quick, easy, and more fun.

If you haven’t tried it yet, then it is your time to give it a shot, by clicking on the download button.