[Jalshamoviez] 2020- Download Leaked Tamil Movies

So today here we discuss Jalshamoviez which is popularly known to download and to watch online movies on the internet, Jalshamoviez 2020.

So what we trying to say that Jalshamoviez is the website where you can download pirated movies, web series and many other shows which is totally illegal and totally wrong.

So here through this article, we try to share information about these pirated websites like- TamilRockers, Isaimini and many others we will discuss further in this article that how these websites are making it possible for people to download movies from these websites.


So we trying to say if you are using such websites for downloading movies, web series, TV Shown and many other paid online stuffs or watching movies online through jalshamoviesz.com or any other similar pirated movie website, so I must say you are in trouble as downloading and uploading pirated movies is illegal and punishable, one can go to jail for this offense.

But the majority of people don’t know about this offense, that’s why we made this article for those who don’t know about these websites. So hang on we will discuss more Hollywood downloading websites more and further in this article.

But still some people after knowing all this are downloading movies from jalshamoviez, Tamil Yogi, TamilRockers and other similar websites.

As these sites are banned in India but still some people download movies from these websites through VPN using tools and software, so exactly what these tools do is change your IP Adress and by changing your IP address you can select any country where these sites are not banned and access these websites to download Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil Dubbed movies Hindi Dubbed movies, etc.

Jalshamoviez 2020- Hollywood Download

Everyone is afraid of this pirated movie downloading sites whether it is a movie actor, director, and government, as government keeping on banning these website’s web addresses.

But these websites’ admin comes with new domain extensions similar to the domain name so that it will rank well in google.

Movie sites Like Isaimini are capable of leaking movies just before the day it is released like Stars Wars the Rise Of Skywalker which was bad news for the moviemakers as well as the actor/actresses and artists as this will adversely affect the earning from the movie.

Not only In India this piracy issue is all over the world.
If you are a Fan Of Game Of Thrones you have heard about hackers calming to leak the episode before its release, so with this example, we are trying to say that Piracy is not limited to India it’s all over the world where movies are made.

Jalshamoviez HD Hindi Movies

Every month you see a new movie release in the Bollywood industry and with the release piracy websites started there work to provide content online.
They provide Hindi dubbed movies, Hollywood Movies to Hindi Dubbed Movies, their main focus on the Tamil industry, as they are most active in pirating Tamil Movies.

Domain Extensions used to Access jalshamoviez website

jalshamoviez 2020 jalshamoviez.hd
jalshamoviez.net jalshamoviez.shop
jalshamoviez.uk jalshamoviez.vip
jalshamoviez.org jalshamoviez.cc
jalshamoviez.com jalshamoviez.ink
jalshamoviez.in jalshamoviez.pw

Why People are downloading movies from Jalshamoviez

For an Obvious reason that movies are available free in these websites and who not loves free stuff and this is available at your home in your mobile phone and computer screen as you don’t need to get to any theater or anywhere just by sitting at your home, you can access movies and web series.

Is that what you think? Yes, that’s what you think but I to clarify that it is totally illegal to download movies from TamilRockers or any other pirated website.

Instead of that buy a ticket and go watch in cinema halls for a better experience and with that, you will support the directors, actors/actresses, by enjoying there as you are only the source of there earning.

What Types Of Movies are available in Moviesda

One can download a variety of movies from (Hollywood, Bollywood, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and many more) to the online movie source Netflix, Amazon Prime.

Recently I heard that a popular web-series called “Witcher” got leaked Tamil Rockers. So you will get every single movie old or new whether it is on NetFlix, amazon prime or any other source.

How People able to download movies from Jalshamoviez if it is banned in India

So, here is the answer to your question, after knowing that it’s illegal to download or watch movies from pirated sites some people still keep on downloading movies from these sites, so what exactly they do is use VPN (Virtual Private Network)
as VPN software are freely available for your computer and your mobile devices.

Ok, let’s come back to downloading, this Virtual Network offers you to change your IP location to any country you wanted to where this website is not banned.

With that one can easily access pirated websites and download movies without spending a single penny.

List of Website Like Jalshamoviez which Do Piracy

  • TamilRockers Movies
  • Moviesda HD Movies
  • IsaiDub Dubbed Movies
  • Moviesda 2020 Movies
  • TamilGun Movies Download
  • TamilRockers 2020 Movies
  • Tamil Dubbed Movies
  • Tamil Movies 2020
  • TamilYogi HD Movies
  • Moviesda 2020 Movies
  • Isaimini 2020 Movies

So Let me explain these Websites Given Above

Tamil Rockers

This is the most searched website on the internet over 6,000,000 (6 million) approximately. TamilRockers is famous for its name for Tamil Movies 2020, Tamil Dubbed Movies and other movies like Hollywood, Bollywood, Hindi Dubbed Movies.


This pirated website is the second most searched website on the internet with over 5,000,000(5 million) approximately. It is mostly famous for downloading Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Tamil dubbed Hollywood movies.


As you can see by its name, this contains all the dubbed movies whether it is Hindi dubbed movies, Tamil dubbed movies or Hollywood dubbed movies one can use this both ways by downloading and watching movies online.


TamilGun is another popular pirated website downloading uploading watching pirated movies to web series from Netflix, Amazon Prime and any other source, they got a huge collection of movies from old to new.

Is Government banning these sites like Jalshamoviez

The answer to this question is yes, the government made lots of efforts to make this piracy stop by banning these websites. But the thing is these website owners are seriously too smart as these websites are not hosted in Indian server instead of that these are hosted in some other European servers so that the government not able to ban these sites.

If these websites are not hosted in the Indian server so they can be easily accessible in other countries.

The majority of people using Jalshamoviez are from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Nepal all these countries are the neighboring country of India.

We cannot say the government is not doing any effort in this piracy issue, as whenever government ban one of the pirated sites its come back with a new domain extension with the same keyword as “TamilRockers”

Effect Of Jalshamoviez on the Film industry

Pirated websites like TamilGun adversely affect the Film industry, whether it is the Tamil industry, Hollywood or Bollywood Industry.

The people or organization who is operating these piracy work anonymously and left no traces online, so that police never identifies who exactly the person is.

And if we try to identify the person, we will find a difference that has no relation with the piracy and the innocent will be punished.

Here we are talking about “Jalshamoviez” so this word has over 2,200,000 (2.2 million) google searches every month, and every month a new movie releases.

Now with the calculations to how much loss Film Industry is facing, let’s calculate when we go to a cinema hall minimum how much we charged for a movie ticket approx. Rs.100 right? so if we Multiply 100 with 3 million than the results will surprise you.

2,200,000*100= Rs.220,000,000

Surprised! 220 crores Indian Rupees and $31 million US Dollars, This is a huge amount of money that the Film industry losing with Jalshamoviez.


The conclusion is simply to say no to piracy as it causing a huge loss of the Film Industry.
The main reason people using these sites cause these websites offering free access to the Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil movies.
But as we known to download and to watch pirated movies from such sites like Isaimini is punishable, the person may go to Jail and Fined high charges for this offense.

So It’s our humble request that does not use such pirated websites and visit your nearby cinema halls for watching movies by buying tickets for the movie. And if you watch movies online with Netflix and Amazon Prime than go and buy the subscription for that.

Note: Our website never promotes Downloading and Uploading of Pirated movies in any aspect. The information provided above is only for Educational purposes none other than that.