[Latest] Hidden Camera Without Icon v3.5 APK Free Download

Again We are here with an amazing application called hidden camera without icon (latest version 3.5). This is the application which can be used in stealth mode, By stealth mode mean to say that as this a hidden camera without icon application which allows user to record video without letting anyone know that you are recording as it works in the background.

This hidden camera application is insane. With this application, you are just like a Ninja, as no one can find you an catch you. If you want to spy someone using this application then you must give it a shot.

[Latest] Hidden Camera Without Icon v3.5 APK Free Download

You can use this application normally on your phone without letting anyone know as it is hidden. It is not available on the dashboard of the app where other apps are available. To use this application you have to use some of the special codes. That’s what we are going to discuss further in the article.

Where To use Hidden camera Without Icon

It’s totally up to the user where he/she wants to use it. If you want to use it in a good way then it can be used that way like exposing someone who is doing wrong things something like that and if you want to use it in some other ways than it’s up to the person and he/she will have to deal with the problems.

How to Use Hidden Camera Application

  • First thing first after you installed the Hidden camera without icon application you with not find the hidden camera application with other apps.
  • So for that to access the application, you need to open your keypad and then type (#12345) then you have to press the call button.
  • This allows you to show and hide the hidden camera application.
  • Now To reset the password setting you need to go to your phone setting (system) > than choose the application manager > choose the application > Then hit the clear app data button for the hidden camera without icon application.
  • And if you have recorded some videos through this app than you have had to make a backup of that before resetting the application.
  • This application got a start mode it’s like when you turn on the screen of your device or open any other apps.
  • This hidden camera app offers you to record an unlimited number of videos as up to your SD card storage.
  • And further, you got an unlimited number of video duration and that’s for an absolutely free price.
  • You will not hear any kind of camera shutter sound as this application works quietly.
  • It automatically gets started after you reboot your device.
  • Users will not see any preview of the recorded video and will not see any notification while recording is completed.
  • This got an amazing feature as the user can record video even during a call.
  • And when the screen is off it still keeps on recording the video in the background.
  • This app allows you to schedule to record a video at a specific time period.
  • You can record videos with both front and rear camera which makes it a great application.
  • It offers you to record a Full HD video (1920*1080).
  • Actually you also have an option to enable or disable notifications and screen messages when the video starts and when it is stopped recording.
  • Before recording, you may check your SD card storage for free space.
  • You can easily open the Recorded video folder. With that, it also offers high security for your recorded videos by protecting it with the password lock screen.
  • Even you can show and hide recorded videos from the phone gallery.
[Latest] Hidden Camera Without Icon v3.5 APK Free Download

What’s New On Hidden Camera Without Icon App

Fixed Minor Bugs.
Fixed auto rotate for the video.
Updated Auto Focus.

How To Install Hidden Camera Without Icon App for Android.

  1. First, you need to download the application from the links given below.
  2. As android does not allow installing files from different sources other than play store.
  3. So for then go to the device setting > then security > and after that check for the unknown sources, after checking the unknown resources it allows you to install APK files from other sources.
  4. Now search for the application where you have downloaded it, now click on that APK file, as you click on it an installation window will open then click on the install button and in few seconds Hidden Camera APK will be installed in your device.

Permissions Required For Hidden Camera Without Icon APK

  1. It is to be required to access the camera using this APK application.
  2. Which allows the application to read from External storage.
  3. Which allows the application to write from External storage.
  4. Which Allows the Hidden Camera application to record audio.
  5. And allows the application to see the numbers which are being dialed also allows the application to redirect any outgoing call to a random different number or cancel the call.


Price Free
File Type APK
Application Name Hidden Camera Without Icon
Version 3.5v (latest)
Minimum Requirement Android 4.0 or above operating system.
File Size 3mb

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