Selena Gomez responds to dating rumors with producer Benny Blanco, hinting at being in a relationship. 

Gomez engaged with a fan account, indicating her taken status through comments and likes on Instagram posts. 

Her Instagram Story featuring a cozy moment with a man sparked further speculation about her romantic life. 

Gomez defended Blanco and praised his treatment of her in comments on social media. 

A source previously claimed Gomez was single but casually dating, emphasizing her focus on personal boundaries. 

Speculation intensified due to Gomez's interactions with Blanco on Instagram and her family's social media involvement. 

Blanco's supportive presence at Gomez’s Rare Impact Fund Benefit added to the dating rumors. 

Prior romantic links to Zayn Malik contrast with the ongoing speculation about Gomez's relationship status. 

Social media interactions between Gomez and Blanco fuel ongoing curiosity and fan interest. 

Despite rumors, Gomez maintains a private stance on her relationship status, leaving fans intrigued.